Sponsors and Supporters
The Dragon Run


Supporters and our Environment

Event Goals:

  • Inspire Hong Kong citizens to keep our public coastal areas clean and waste free
  • Advocate partnerships to ensure Hong Kong will enjoy a greener, safer and more prosperous future
  • Increase safe and healthy beach and water sport activity in the region

Our Environment

Hong Kong territory encompasses a collection of 262 islands and peninsulas in the South China Sea. Ocean paddlers of all craft (surf skis, outrigger canoes and kayaks) experience nature at its best. Beautiful coastlines, blue oceans, and frequent sightings of ocean life combine to make this sport unique. Hong Kongís often rugged coastline and stunning beaches are the perfect setting for an international class Ocean Kayaking and Outrigger Canoeing race. Not many people realize what a stunning ocean environment exists in Hong Kong, but those who have experienced what we have at our doorstep know that Hong Kong offers some of the best ocean paddling conditions on the planet. This race will hopefully enhance peopleís awareness of Hong Kongís ocean environment and beautiful coastline.

One of the goals of The Dragon Run is to raise awareness of the marine environmental issues facing Hong Kong, giving further example to how important our ocean and coastal waters are to the community. The race proudly supports the following organizations:

Hong Kong Sea School

Hong Kong Sea School

The School is a boarding school for underprivileged boys in Stanley, Hong Kong. All kids in the school have either family or academic problems and, for most, it is a school of last resort - if they donít go here, they donít go anywhere. It has a strong maritime background and tries to aid in the promotion of sea sports as this gives additional opportunities to the boys. The Sea School raises funds to help the boys reach their potential in sea sports (sailing, windsurfing and canoeing) and the goal of the programs is to give them a future by having them reach HK representative levels in these sports. The school is gradually building a competitive paddling culture and the local paddling community has donated a number of surf skis for use by the boys.