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The Dragon Run



Here's your chance to race with 12-time Molokai World Champion Oscar Chalupsky

Oscar Chalupsky and Epic have offered to help sponsor one double team of students from the Hong Kong Sea School to participate in the Molokai World Championships in Hawaii on 19 May, 2013.

To fundraise for the event -- Oscar will race the Dragon Run in a double and auction off the second seat to the highest bidding racer. The estimated cost to send two sea school students to race in Molokai is HK$50,000.

If you want a chance to race with Oscar -- bid now! Contact Allen Hancock on www.kayakmississippi.com to submit your bid. The starting bid is US$500 or (HK$3,900).

We will close the auction at 15:00 hrs on Friday, 9 November. Payment can be made at registration to Barbara Yendell either in cash (USD or HKD equivalent), or cheque.


Oscar will be donating 25% of the proceeds from the auctioned seat to the HKSS Molokai fund. Roughwater Ltd, the Hong Kong Epic importer, will loan one V10 Double to the HKSS for the students training for the Molokai race from November until May. The double will then subsequently be auctioned off, and any proceeds will go to further fund the HKSS Molokai team. Epic Int’l will support the HKSS Molokai team with the full use of a V10 Double during the preparation and participation of the Molokai race. Oscar Chalupsky will write the training programs for the HKSS Molokai team, and monitor their progress together with Bill Hutchison.

1) Registration and Briefing:

Registration and the briefing will take place on Friday November 9th, the day before Race Day.

Registration and the briefing will be held in the gymnasium at the Sea School in Stanley. Registration will start at 6:30pm, with the briefing starting at 7:30pm. The Sea School is located at the bottom of Hoi Fung Path in Stanley. (Go to http://maps.google.com and search for "Hong Kong sea school, Stanley" to find a map and directions of how to find the school.) Anyone who is struggling to find it can call Andy on 852-90411036.

2) Race Entry Fees:

The race entry fee for the long course race will be HK$750 (just under US$100), and for the short course race it will be HK$500 (approx US$65). Please note that we will require each entrant to sign a liability waiver in favour of the race organisers.

3) Transportation - Skis/OCs:

Both the long and short course races will finish at the Sea School in Stanley. The trucks which will be used to transport the skis/OC's to the starting point of the long course race (Clearwater Bay Beach) will leave from the Sea School at between 7:30am and 8am. All long course paddlers must ensure that their ski/OC gets to the Sea School by no later than the Friday night before race day. There will be racks erected in the main car park at the back of the Sea School for use during the week prior to the race and paddlers training from the Sea School or delivering their skis/OCs to the Sea School should use these racks. We require all paddlers to load their own skis/OCs onto the trucks at the Sea School on race day and then to unload their skis/OCs at the race start in Clearwater Bay. The loading at the Sea School will start at 7am. Straps/ties will be provided.

4) Transportation - Paddlers:

Buses for the long course paddlers will leave from the Sea School for the race start at Clearwater Bay Beach at between 7:30am and 8am. A secure place will be available at the Sea School for paddlers to leave their race bags. We will aim to start the long course race at 10am.

5) Sponsor Branding:

Paddlers will be provided with stickers featuring the logos of our event sponsors and will be required to affix these stickers (along with separate race numbers) onto the foredeck closest to the footwell on their ski/OC.

6) Post-race:

Once you get to the finish, there will be a crew of volunteers to help you wash and rack your ski/OC. Changing rooms and showers will be available for paddlers. The post-race "party" and awards ceremony will take place at the Sea School (gymnasium area) following the finish of the long course race. Food and drinks will be provided by one of our race sponsors, Jaspas, throughout the afternoon, and we will look to start the awards ceremony at around 2pm. The party is open to all short and long course race contestants on a complimentary basis. Guests are also welcome for a small charge of HK$100 per person.

7) Think Kayak Raffle:

Thanks to the generous support of Think Kayaks, we will again be holding a raffle with the first prize being a brand new Think Kayaks surf ski. The ski on offer will be a fibreglass lay-up Think Evo II. For more details of the products being offered please visit the Think Kayaks website - www.thinkkayaks.com. The retail value of this prize is US$2,595. Tickets will cost HK$100 each and can be purchased on race day. The second prize is a four-night free stay (excluding F&B costs) during off-peak (ie: excluding Chinese New Year, Easter, July/August and Christmas) at a beautiful self-contained private villa on a white-sand beach on the west coast of Koh Samui. The villa has five resident staff including a restaurant-quality chef. To learn more about this splendid getaway, check out:
www.waimarie-samui.com The draw will be made at the prize giving ceremony.

8) SAFETY MESSAGE: The use of life jackets/PFDs and leg leashes will be compulsory.

The Traders Hotel, one of the race sponsors, is offering discounted rates to all race participants. The rate offered in HK$1,400 (plus 10%) per night. Please contact Andy Orr (Andrew.Orr@imgworld.com) if you’d like to take advantage of this offer. More information regarding the Traders Hotel can be found at www.shangri-la.com/hongkong/traders